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All our products are ethically made in Melbourne, Australia

This is Farn.

We’re a Melbourne-based, Ethical Clothing Australia certified textile label that stands for quality, transparency, and connection.

Quality in the materials we source and our hand printed fabric. Transparency in the way our clothes are brought into the world – from the fabric to the print to the construction. And connection to our makers, with each garment telling a story of those who touched it.

Meet Amanda 

Our founder, Amanda Farncomb, is a textile designer, screen printer and reveller in the small things. Graduating from Textile Design at RMIT in 2017, she’s drawn to the handmade nature of screen printing for its design freedom and textural quality. 

In 2018, she was awarded the Frankie Good Stuff award by long-time inspiration, Jenny Kee. A pinch-me-career-highlight.

Today, Amanda draws ideas from Australian flora and fauna. She rides her blue bike along local trails, observes backyard birds and peeks over picket fences to marvel at her neighbours’ gardens. She keeps her textiles slow, small-scale and simple, just like the patterns in nature. 


We believe in really, really, really slow fashion. 

 In today’s world, there’s a growing disconnect between the makers and wearers. The reality of fast fashion has encouraged many of us to purchase clothing on a whim – without questioning the steps that happen at the start, middle and end to bring a garment into circulation. 

We’re out to shrink this disconnect. From the bold designer to the local printer to the meticulous maker, here’s how our textiles and garments arrive in your wardrobe…



Our designs take inspiration from the natural world. Our founder and designer, Amanda Farncomb, is inspired by Australian flora and fauna: from backyard birds to her neighbours’ gardens.


Source materials.   

We believe in creating beautiful textiles that get better with age. This begins with sourcing natural fibres, like linen and organic cotton, from our suppliers in New Zealand. We print using water-based, soil-approved pigments.


Hand printed.   

We’re one of the few textile labels that screen prints our designs, right here in Melbourne. We hand mix the colours then pull them through a silk screen, one colour at a time. As our business evolves, we’re moving to a combination of screen and digital printing to allow for greater flexibility. 


Pattern design

Amanda designs styles she loves to wear with a focus on simplicity, versatility and function. This also allows the prints to be the star of the show. She works alongside a local patternmaker, Helen, who brings a wealth of industry experience.



Our local makers – Neroli and Vanessa – work out of their studio in Melbourne. We’re certified by Ethical Clothing Australia and deeply value fair working rights for our makers. Each garment tells a story of the person who made it.


Range Release    

We release just two ranges per year. This allows us to carefully consider the creations we contribute to the world, with a core focus on longevity. Our textiles and garments are available for a minimum of two years or until the fabric is exhausted.


Discover textiles or garments

We have options for both creators and conscious wearers. We create our garments as they sell, then offer our fabric offcuts and remnants to leave minimal waste. You’ll find us in our Fitzroy studio (by appointment) or at fashion markets around Australia.


Worn to last

We believe in timeless pieces for the conscious wearer. Rather than a business model that encourages impulse purchasing built upon fleeting trends, our pieces are designed to be worn, reworn, then passed on.


Visit our studio - By appointment

                           236-248 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. 


Upcoming markets 2022 - Finders Keepers Melbourne July 8-10

                                          Big Design Market Sydney September 9-11

                                          Big Design Market Melbourne December 2-4

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